Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)

LCD 3D printers use LCD Screen as a light source. The light from the flat LCD panels shines directly, in a parallel fashion, onto the build area. Because this light isn’t expanded, pixel distortion is less of an issue with LCD printing.

What this means is that the print quality of an LCD printer depends on its LCD density. The more pixels it has, the better the print quality.

The benefit that LCD share, when compared to SLA, is build speed. Because there’s an entire layer is flashed at once, instead of a single point, the two technologies are typically able to produce parts faster.

Bottom Screen

405-460 nm

Advantages of LCD Printers:

Value: LCD screens are the lowest cost digital image device ever, making it very cost effective.

Reliability: Ink jets block, lasers need recalibrating, DLP lamps last 1000 hours. LCD screens can last for 80,000 hours.

Resolution: 2K and 4K screens enabling precise, high resolution detailed prints.

Scale: Screen sizes from 5.5” to 23.8” offering small and large scale 3D Printing

Partnership based on trust: BASF collaborates with these LCD experts: